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Madurai Students Welfare Trust, Madurai

Madurai Students Welfare Trust, Madurai
A charitable trust, registered and run by friends and well wishers who wanted to help the poor students. Please goto "Info" page to know how to lend your help.

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Our plan is to help the poor students who are residing and studying in Madurai, initially. Our plans are not specific towards any particular community. Our trust is going to help poor people irrespective of caste or religion.

We have formulated objectives in general to help poor students, poor people medical needs, to help poor weavers economically, to empower girl child and so on.
Company Overview
"Madurai Students Welfare Trust" is a public charitable trust executed on April 21st, 2009. It is a registered trust to help poor students who struggle to meet their education expenses. Already helped few students at Madurai, Tamilnadu with the money collected from the well wishers.

The main trustees are Dr. K.K. Ravi Sanker, Mr. T.M. Raghavan, Mr.K.S.Vijaya Kumar and Mr. T. R. Saravanan.

Dr. K.K. Ravi Sanker is the Managing Trustee.

Contact: Dr.K.K.Ravisankar,
Address: No.1, Manjanakara street,
Corner of Mahal 1st street,
Madurai - 625001.
Mobile: +91 9790273393.

Your money is always used for a noble cause.